Soft Launch

Site goes live with no announcement. This creates a period to get ready for the Hard Launch

Time Frame: up to two weeks after training
Tasks: Pace upcoming events on the calendar
           Update bulletin and ministry schedules
           Finish revisions and corrections


Hard Launch

Spreading the word about the site

Time Frame: up to two weeks after Soft Launch
Launch Ideas:

  • Priest(s) mention during Mass announcements
  • Print magnets or promotional items - plan on a 2 week lead time
  • Tell ushers to only pass out bulletins for those that ask (go for shock and awe!)
  • Set up a place for people to see the new site (projector in the gathering space or a school computer lab)
  • Prepare and send out an email to all parishioners welcoming them to the new site
  • Place a welcome video or article from the Pastor on the front page
  • Fyler in the bulletin
  • Postcard mailing
Name of Church on the Web ( domainnamehere ) - New & Improved!

Our state of the art website is up and running!  After a great deal of work by the staff at the YOUR CHURCH AND/OR SCHOOL, and with the assistance of Solutio ( ), I am proud to announce the launch of our new site: DOMAINNAMEHERE .  It is our hope that this great piece of communication will become a highly reliable source of information and news.  We plan to have weekly podcasts of homilies, a calendar with current events and happenings, a school site that parents can utilize to see what their children are up to, and an overall more updated presence on the world wide web.  One major goal of this new site is to keep people better informed and to make the information that is important to you easier to access.  Please let us know if you feel this site will be or has been beneficial to you and your family.  Thank you to all who made this endeavor a reality!