We recommend an .mp4 or .mov file be added using a player that is already configured across multiple browsers such as YouTube, Vimeo, or you can use Google Drive and embed the video from there into an article or a module.

Youtube.com is a dynamic source of content for your site.  Embedding videos right into the articles of your site makes it very easy for everyone to enjoy this is engaging medium.

An alternative to using YouTube or Vimeo is using the player configured through Google Drive

Whether you have several videos uploaded to YouTube that need added to a playlist, or if you're starting out fresh, look here for where to start.

You can embed a YouTube Playlist either into an Article on a page, or via a module on the Homepage or elsewhere. 

In this video:

  • add videos already uploaded to playlist
  • reorder videos in playlist
  • obtain playlist embed code
  • embed playlist
  • upload new video and add to playlist